Something for Everyone

Jet Skiing and Parasailing are as close as 1000 feet up the beach. Rent a boat at the marina 2 block North, next to the Publix supermarket. There are a variety of fishing boats departing 7 days a week for a fishing adventure nearby. 

A casino boat and the Key West Express high speed catamaran are both about 2.5 miles up the beach. There is a golf course on the island, and many more courses a short drive off the beach. Local tennis courts are also close by. 

Take a walk on the beach and see a variety of wildlife. Stingrays may dot the shoreline, and countless species of birds are everywhere. You may get a glimpse of the PROTECTED turtle nesting areas. The turtles make their way up the beach to lay their eggs in nests on the beach. Dolphins can be found swimming along the coast in the warm gulf waters.

A great variety of restaurants are all within 2 miles. Bike rentals one mile North. Banks, churches and ice cream dot the island.

Everything or Nothing

Of course if the everything above is not your thing, 

There is always Nothing.

Beach chair, under an umbrella, cooler by your side and...